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Panacea Remedy works only when it is suggested and serve with positive intention blended with blessings.

Phenomena says matching with doctors appointment is on its worst ratio. Nuclear family or other priorities often keeps doctors appointment punctuality for granted.

SHRAWAN CARE is nothing but a genuine gesture for matching doctors appointment with punctuality and proper care by providing to and fro service of patient to doctor from his point to doctors cabin and leaving patient to his point on his call on SHRAWAN CARE APP.

Our Mission

To become number one service brand in patient caring to and fro industry.

Our Vision

To accelerate doctors meeting ratio with proper doctors appointment monitoring for prompt recovery of patient.


Iera start-ups pvt Ltd. (ISPL) is parent company of project shrawan care. ISPL is formed in june 2016 for support of new venture team as per their passion. ISPL seeks venture capiltalist or organise business auction seminar for capital funding and team building of new venture of same passion group.ISPL Provide one platform under one roof for each and every need of new entrepreneurs for success of their venture.

Director's Message

Saurabh Mishra

Indian citizen are one of the most philanthropical citizen of global village. Shrawan is a character who devote his entire life for caring of his parents. concept of Shrawan Care motivates us to introspect and find character Shrawan lying with in us and when we start caring others a Philanthropical aroma fascinate other's for being Shrawan as Shrawan. Our Shrawan team is trained and designed for dedicated service to all patients for their pick and drop facility for best matching with doctor's appointment for their better and sooner recovery. Shrawan is not only stick to one service but other service can also be taken by dependent patients on one simple call on our toll free number 1800-123-333 666. I wish best of luck to my team members who are ready to serve you on your simple call round the clock.