1. The Pick-up date, time and location cannot be changed once a booking is confirmed.

2. Advance Payment required to book your number on doctor clinic.

3. Patient is moving as per his/her guardian concent, in any circumstances mediolegal cannot be applied.

4. 50% advance payment required on conveyance booking.

5. Client must behave polite and calm to our Attendent (Shrawan).

6. Additional charges may be applied for extra waiting time of conveyance.

7. For home Attendent safety & security will be take care by client.

8. For 24 hrs. home attendent food & shelter will be given by client.

9. After confirmation your request, if you want to cancel the request then you have to charge full amount of service. And there is no return policy is here.

10. Customer can cancel your request anytime up to the cut-off time of the slot for which you have pushed an request for service. Once your request has done after that we will not refund payment to customer. There is no refund policy we have.

T&C (For Attendent) :

1. All KYC documents are verified of attendent.

2. Attendent must required(GDA,NURSING,JNM).

3. Ideals duties is shifted of 10hrs(Day/Night).

4. All vehicles used in SHRAWAN CARE are registered.